Single and the City Powiększ do pełnego rozmiaru

Single and the City

  • Autor : Julita Czernecka
  • ilość stron : 181
  • rok : 2014
  • oprawa : miękka
  • ISBN : 978-83-7525-998-8
  • Wydawca : Uniwersytet Łódzki

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What does the single life look like and does it have anything in common with what the media show? This question has caused much discussion on the Internet, in TV debates, in the press and on the radio. This book explores the issue of singles in big cities, their lifestyle and reasons for “flying solo”. Singles talk about their expectations towards their potential partners and their idea of a great love. They share their thoughts on relationships. They also talk about the importance of having a professional career in their life, their passions, and about the advantages and disadvantages of being single. The book presents the similarities and differences between the singles, and explains why some of them are called “all-or­nothing” while others are called “accustomed” or “romantic”.

Almost everyone is intrigued why same people remain single. The author has tried to find reasons for this. One can see three reasons from the collected data: professional life, family background with good and bad role models, and personal experience. This research material is very rich, and was given deep consideration in line with the previously chosen groups of reasons. . . . The presented work is valuable and is an important input in the sociological debate on changes in social life. This analysis of life of singles . . . does not close the issue but rather gives food for thought.  .........  From the review of prof. Anna Kwak, Warsaw University

You will finally learn whether “Sex and the city” was about you. And you will understand if you want to or have to be single. And then you will write a scenario of your own life. Single or... ;-) Julita Czernecka debunks the stereotype. Absorbing. Not only for singles or sociologists.  .... Agnieszka Sztyler, head of editoriaI coverage, Elle Poland